Work in Progress

Robert Hockaday has two technologies at the top of the revolutionary change-in-energy-generation queue:

  Garrett Allen is wiring and testing a prototype photovoltaic/light emitting diode skylight array.      
A Micro Fuel Cell™ technology
A Solar Cell Technology

Both these technologies use the same materials and miniaturization technology that transformed computers from room-sized behemoths to circuits the size of a dime.  

EQ Solaris , has developed a solar technology that is disruptive in its simplicity, flexibility, and potential to break the $500/kWatt cost barrier that has prevented photovoltaic arrays from becoming competitive with conventional power sources.

The following are the ongoing projects being developed with partners for commercialization.

Membrane Catalytic Heaters - US Patent Pending, Japan Patent Issued

Mercury Free Battery Technology-US Patent Issued

Smart Apparel - US Patent Pending
Energy Fuel Cell Car Kits-Copyright,available for sale
Alternate Aerodynamic Windmill Technology
Micro Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells-US Paten Pending
Unsteady Fluid Flow Engines
Cataytic Filter Battery Vents-US Patent Issued
Anti Fogging Eyewear-US Patent Issed
Electrostatic Filtered Eyewear-US Patent Issued
Human Heat and Moisture Simulators-US Patent Issued
Mosquito Attractants and Repellants-Patent pending
Catalytic Electrostatic Air Cleaning
Ink Jet Printable Electrostatic paper -US Patent Issued
Laminate Actuators and values -US Patent pending
        All the above technologies are based on principles in nature.    
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